Second Earth is whole new world which integrates the “real” and the “virtual” combining the two modern technologies of virtual reality and the blockchain. It is an open-source infrastructure of the future where you can create all sorts of applications, software, communities, and services.


Second Earth utilizes blockchain technology to ensure the protection of user data in a distributed network, and to allow for the acquisition of big data to be used in improving the service without compromising the personal information of each user.

Virtual reality

Second Earth utilizes virtual reality technology to create a seamless and completely immersive user experience, and to break down the obstacles of distance and space which hinder communication and limit one‘s imagination.


Second Earth is essentially a platform built with virtual reality and blockchain technology. It is the foundation on which a variety of software and applications can be built. It is the core architecture for a myriad of rooms and spaces, all connected by a central portal and search engine.

RHEM (Token)

RHEM is the name of the token or online currency which is used in Second Earth. The introduction of an original currency allows for an independent economy within Second Earth that does not rely on the value of traditional currencies and eliminates the need for changing between currencies for different countries. In this way, all users have an equal opportunity to take part in the virtual world, regardless of where they are in the physical world, or what their economic situation may be.

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